Current Capital Projects

As part of a long-range master plan, Fiscal Year 2018-2019 will see the City continue to reinvest in its infrastructure, particularly in the area of roadways, parks, and streetscapes as described below:

Freeway Frontage Landscape 

Construction of new landscaping along the Southwest Quadrant of the Lindero Freeway Interchange is currently underway.   

Westlake Village Community Park

Is currently closed due to fire damage.Once a deep cleaning of the fields and some needed repairs are finalized, the Community Park will reopen. Additional work will be needed to restore plants, fencing, and other elements impacted by the fire for the next few months. Netting to protect the picnic area from fly balls is anticipated for late 2018 to early 2019 as well as a formalized trail to the skate park.

Annual Street Resurfacing Program/ ADA Improvements

The Annual Street Resurfacing Program includes grinding and new asphalt pavement along Russell Ranch Road and various intermittent residential streets in Canyon Oaks, Three Springs and Rustic Oak neighborhoods as well as Corsa Ave. and La Baya Drive.  Slurry seal coating will occur on Via Rocas and Via Colinas.  In addition, a new rapid flashing beacon crosswalk will be installed on Russell Ranch (near the entrance to the Target portion of The Shoppes at Westlake Village).

Update: During December and early January, curb ramps and sidewalk replacements will continue to be performed in various locations throughout the City. All grinding, paving and slurry seal work is scheduled to occur in January 2019.

Lindero Walkway and Beautification Project

This project began in September 2018 and when complete will include a meandering sidewalk, water efficient vines and plants, new trees, and an environmental bio-swale to help clean storm water that eventually flows to the ocean. For more information including renderings please click here. Work continues on Phase 1  from Agoura Road to Rustic Oak Lane. Work will begin on November 1 to position on-site fencing for Phase 2 from Rustic Oak Lane to Fox field Drive. There are no traffic impacts expected during the week of October 29 to November 2. Pedestrian pathways will be closed during the construction.