Westlake Village Transit Rules of Conduct

Please have all passengers read the following.

 Bus Pass or $2 bus fare must be presented in order to board the bus each way.

  1. No spitting or throwing objects into or from open windows.
  2. No smoking or lighting of matches.
  3. No swearing or using foul language, yelling, screaming, or whistling.
  4. No putting of feet on the seats or in and/or across the aisle.
  5. No horseplay, jabbing, or teasing.
  6. No eating, drinking, or littering on the bus.
  7. No putting of arms, hands, legs, or feet out of bus windows or doors.
  8. No intimidating or threatening of anyone on the bus.
  9. Animals, insects, or reptiles are not allowed on the bus.
  10. Large bulky items, glass, firearms, and knives are prohibited.
  11. Shoes must be worn at all times.
  12. Seat belts must be securely fastened at all times. 
  13. Riders must sit facing the front of the bus at all times.
  14. Riders must get on and off the bus at the proper stop and cross the street in the proper manner.
  15. Riders must obey the bus driver and follow directions at all times.

The following infractions will result in immediate revocation of transportation privileges:

  1. Fighting at a bus stop or on a bus.
  2. Actions which endanger the safety of a person either at a bus stop or on the bus, or persons near a bus while in transit.
  3. Damage to property at a bus stop or on the bus.
  4. Refusal to follow the directions of the driver.
  5. Tampering with controls, emergency equipment or exits. If a rider should be denied transportation for disciplinary reasons, there will be NO REFUND GRANTED.

By proceeding, I verify that I and the passengers have read the "Westlake Village Transit Rules of Conduct"

Make sure to mark your quantity on the next page during checkout. If more than one child from a household will be participating in the bus program, a multi-student discount is offered. Please select from the options below.

Single Rider AM
Single Rider PM
Single Rider Round Trip

Multi-Student AMMulti-Student PMMulti-Student Round Trip