Power Outage Preparedness

Why Power Outages Happen 

Outages can happen for many different reasons, including:

  • Traffic accidents: Power lines can be damaged when cars crash into utility poles
  • High temperatures: Heavy use of air conditioning can overload power lines and transformers
  • Severe weather: Heavy rains or high winds can damage power lines
  • Natural disasters: Earthquakes and fires can damage power equipment and networks

What to Expect 

During an outage, Southern California Edison crews work hard to restore power as quickly and safely as possible. Depending on the amount of damage, the time it takes to restore power may vary. We encourage you to make safety your top priority until crews can locate and repair damage. Remember: Never go near a downed power line. How SCE Restores Power

Be Prepared 

With some preparation, you can keep your family safe and comfortable during an outage.

Learn to Prepare for a Power Outage

Remember to also visit the Southern California Edison Company Outage Map to get updates on the status of power outages, including the estimated restoration time. Outage Map

Downed Wires Call 911 

During a power outage our top priority is your safety. Most importantly, stay away from downed power lines. If your lights flicker or go out, there are steps you can take to determine whether a power outage is happening. Outage Safety Tips

For more information about power outages and safety tips, please visit Southern California Edison Company's website at www.sce.com or LA County's Emergency Preparedness website at ready.lacounty.gov/power-outage/ .

More Useful Information

SCE Wildfire Web Pagesce.com/wildfire

SCE Notifications

•Sign up for PSPS alerts – sce.com/pspsalerts


Situational Awareness 

•PSPS maps and information – sce.com/psps 

•Role of weather in PSPS – sce.com/fireweather

•CPUC wildfire maps – cpuc.ca.gov/wildfiresinfo

•Fire cameras – alertwildfire.org



•SCE outage tips – sce.com/outagetips

•SCE emergency preparedness – sce.com/beprepared

•SCE Medical Baseline Program – sce.com/medicalbaseline

•CAL FIRE fire preparedness – readyforwildfire.org

•Red Cross emergency preparedness – redcross.org/prepare

•FEMA emergency preparedness – ready.gov


Vegetation Management

•Vegetation Management – sce.com/safety/power-lines; contact 1-800-655-4555 or safetrees@sce.com


•SCE Marketplace (rebates and programs) – marketplace.sce.com

•Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) – sce.com/sgip or selfgenca.com


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