Current Capital Projects

As part of a long-range master plan, Fiscal Year 2023-2024 will see the City continue to reinvest in its infrastructure, particularly in the area of roadways, parks, and streetscapes as described below:

Community Park Pickleball Courts

The pickleball courts project includes retrofitting the northeast corner of the Community Park’s parking lot with four new pickleball courts. The new courts will have a fence enclosure, sport court lighting, benches, and landscaping. Construction will begin in December 2023 and the courts will be available for public use in Summer 2024.  Click here to learn more.


Sidewalk Improvement Program 

The current sidewalk improvement project is a component of our long-term public right-of-way enhancements and improvements. The project will add new walkways in the City right-of-way on Lindero Canyon Road. 

Construction of new sidewalk along two stretches of Lindero Canyon Road will begin in December 2023.  One segment is on the east side of Lindero Canyon Road extending from the existing sidewalk at Whim Drive to the intersection at Hedgewall Drive. The other segment is on the west side of Lindero Canyon Road extending from south of Agoura Road to the Westpark Driveway and then from the Westpark Driveway to Baronsgate Drive.  See maps below for work locations.   These new sidewalks are anticipated to be open for public use in Spring 2024.

Lindero Canyon Road Sidewalk update 001


LVMWD-Calleguas Intertie Project

Calleguas Municipal Water District (Calleguas) and Las Virgenes Municipal Water District (LVMWD) each own and operate potable water systems largely dependent on imported water supply.  On March 10, 2015, these districts entered into an agreement to construct an interconnection to improve the redundancy and reliability of both water systems. The goals of this project are to improve water storage and distribution systems, improve the ability to provide water, and reduce the risk of potential water shortages associated with natural disasters. 

Phase one of this important water supply resiliency project is now complete for the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District portion of the work.   Construction of a new pump station/Pressure Reducing Station along with utility and street work for installation of water pipeline is currently being commenced by Calleguas Municipal Water District along Lindero Canyon Road from the northernmost city limit to Kanan Road. Traffic control measures are in place along Lindero Canyon Road during construction. Calleguas and its contractor endeavor to minimize construction impacts on the public. Work will occur during daytime and nighttime hours.  The patience and understanding of our local residents during the construction of this vital water supply reliability project is very much appreciated and valued. 

For more information visit the project website at:

Annual Street Resurfacing Program

The current annual street improvement project includes paving Lindero Canyon Road (from Lakeview to the Cove) and Foxfield Drive (from Lindero to Saddletree)  and slurry sealing or paving the neighborhood streets of Parkwood Estates, Westlake Terrace, and Upper Terrace Townhomes.  See maps below for project location.  The project is currently in the design phase with construction proposed for Spring 2024. 

Street Improvement Locations 2024