The City of Westlake Village maintains over 340,000 linear feet of sidewalks. The sidewalks are inspected on an annual basis, resulting in identification of needed repairs related to unacceptable vertical displacements, significant cracks, ADA compliance or other perceived hazards. Following the annual inspection, repairs are prioritized and a sidewalk maintenance contract is issued to construct the needed repairs.

When the City was first built as a master planned community, many streets did not have sidewalks and the City was promoted as the “city in the country.” But times have changed, residents are more physically active, and there is a recognized need to build out our sidewalk system. In July, 2023 the City Council adopted a sidewalk master plan to guide the buildout process. Specific street segments where sidewalk is needed were identified and prioritized based on nine evaluation criteria. Segments in Category 1 are considered the highest priority and those in Category 4 are the lowest priority. As the budget is developed each year, specific segments will be selected, with design typically occurring one year and construction the following year. Below are links to the Sidewalk Master Plan final report and a map showing the sidewalk segments by priority category.

Sidewalk Master Plan

Interactive Map