General Plan

The General Plan is the City's primary land use policy document and serves as the "blueprint" for the future of the community. The General Plan includes four chapters that address seven different topic areas or "elements" as required by State law. The City Council adopted an updated General Plan in January 2019 and adopted additional updates to the Hazards Chapter in December 2021 to address new requirements in State law.

In addition to the four chapters noted above, the General Plan includes a separate Housing Element. The Housing Element is maintained as a separate document from the rest of the General Plan because it must be updated and reviewed on a specific schedule mandated by State law. The Housing Element covers an eight-year housing planning period set by the State. In December 2021, the City Council adopted the Housing Element for the 2021-2029 housing planning period.

Cover and Table of Contents
(Note: The Table of Contents has not been updated to reflect the Hazards Chapter amendments in December 2021)

Introduction | Adopted January 2019

Chapter 1: Community Development | Amended June 2020

Chapter 2: Infrastructure and Community Service | Adopted January 2019

Chapter 3: Natural Resources | Adopted January 2019

Chapter 4: Hazards | Amended December 2021

Housing Element 2021-2029 | Adopted December 2021

Housing Element Electronic Housing Sites Inventory (Excel file)