Strategic Plan

2025 Strategic Plan

The City of Westlake Village’s 2025 Strategic Plan is the result of a second in a series of long-range planning exercises that the City has undertaken in the past eleven years. In 2006, the City Council adopted the City’s first strategic planning document called the 2015 Strategic Plan (below).

This report represents a comprehensive review and update of the City’s original 2015 Strategic Plan. The purpose of this effort is to afford the City Council and the residents of the community the opportunity and the ability to:

  • Take a snapshot of the City’s status;
  • Evaluate progress toward achieving previously established goals and objectives;
  • Identify new or emerging local or regional trends;
  • Assess the dynamics at work in both the City organization and community that can affect service delivery (SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses; Opportunities, and Threats);
  • Establish new or revised priorities (core values); and
  • Develop new goals and objectives for addressing those priorities.

The end result of this review is an updated City strategic document with a ten-year horizon titled the 2025 Strategic Plan.

2025 Strategic Plan

2016 Community Survey

2025 Citizen's Committee Agendas

2015 Strategic Plan

The 2015 Strategic Plan was more than two years in the making and is the culmination of a tremendous amount of work and dedication by our 2015 Committee. This Committee worked long and hard in developing a vision for our City, identifying the basic values we share as residents, and crafting a series of goals, objectives and potential programs that will help chart the course the City of Westlake Village will travel over the next decade.

The 2015 Strategic Plan is contained in three separate volumes, which when read in its entirety, reflect the complete work of the 2015 Planning Committee. Below are the three volumes:

2015 Introduction

Volume 1 - 2015 Visioning: Westlake Village Style

Volume 2 - 2015 Strategic Goals, Objectives and Potential Implementation Programs

Volume 3 - 2015 Residents' Survey Results