Temporary Use Permits

A Temporary Use Permit (TUP) is required for any short-term use or event, or temporary structure located entirely on private property. Events that will take place partially or entirely on public property or within the public right-of-way require a Special Event Permit.

To apply for a TUP for an event, please submit the following:

  • TUP application including notarized property owner signature
  • $150 application fee (charitable fund raising events events are exempt from the fee)
  • A detailed description of the event including date(s), time(s), estimated number of attendees and event workers, the number and types of activities, and any food or alcoholic beverage service
  • A site plan showing the event location, including the location of any activities, booths, and food service, as well as the location of all permanent and temporary structures, property lines, and streets
  • A parking plan showing where event attendees will park, and if applicable a transportation plan or pedestrian plan showing how attendees will get from the parking area to the event
  • A copy of the Los Angeles County Fire Department permit for the event (or written documentation of event’s exemption from a fire permit)
  • A copy of the Alcoholic Beverage Control license for the event, if applicable