Mobilehome Park

This page provides information for residents of the Oak Forest Estates mobilehome park.

Mobilehome Regulation

Mobilehomes and mobilehome parks are regulated by the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). Visit the HCD website for more information on HCD's mobilehome programs and services.

Mobilehome Owner and Resident Assistance

HCD operates the Mobilehome Assistance Center, which receives inquires and complaints related to mobilehomes and mobilehome parks. The Mobilehome Assistance Center provides information, coordination, referrals, and other assistance to mobilehome owners and residents. For more information, visit the Mobilehome Assistance Center webpage.

Mobilehome Modifications and Permits

Installation of a new mobilehome or modification to an existing mobilehome requires a permit from HCD. The City of Westlake Village and Los Angeles County Building and Safety do not issue any permits or approvals related to mobilehomes. Please visit the HCD website for more information.


The Oak Forest Estates mobilehome park is under the exclusive jurisdiction of HCD for all issues pertaining to building and safety, permits, and zoning. Complaints regarding unpermitted construction, garage conversions, and other building and safety related issues should be directed to HCD. Information about how to file a complaint with HCD is available on the HCD website.