Financial Policies

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Debt Management Policy This Debt Policy is intended to comply with Government Code Section 8855(i), which became effective on January 1, 2017, and shall govern all debt undertaken by the City. 
Financial Reserve Policy In an effort to ensure fiscal stability, sound financial management of public finances, and fiscal responsibility and accountability in the receipt and expenditure of City Funds, it is appropriate for the City Council to adopt this Financial Reserve Policy. 
Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Policy  The CIP Fund is a governmental accounting fund through which capital improvements are financed such as major road work, streetscape enhancements, park improvements, storm drain repairs, and other similar construction-related infrastructure improvements. 
City Investment Policy The purpose of the City’s Investment Policy is to provide guidelines and standards for the responsible management of the City’s funds that are available for investment. It is intended to be sufficiently specific to be meaningful, yet adequately flexible to be practical.