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Kelly Honig, Chair

Susan McSweeney, Vice Chair

Brad Halpern

Harry Croner

Brad Halpern


Rob de Geus, Chief Executive Officer

Antoinette Mann, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary

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The Westlake Village Community Foundation is dedicated to promoting and providing charitable, cultural and educational activities, programs and services for the benefit of those who live in the City of Westlake Village.   We are a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation.  

The Westlake Village Community Foundation proudly offers a general scholarship of up to $3,500 to graduating high school seniors, who are City of Westlake Village residents AND meet one of the following criteria:

 1) have been involved in either the Music, Art, or the Performing Arts program at their high school or in the community; 

2) have contributed to the community through volunteer work or community service; or 

3) are pursuing a career outside of the traditional college track to include enrollment in a trade or technical school. 

To be eligible, the student must be a resident of the City of Westlake Village and have plans to attend a four-year university, a community college or arts college, or trade or technical school in the coming year. The award is to help in covering expenses related to the student’s continuing education.    

For details on how to apply and the application form, see Westlake Village Community Scholarship Program webpage.

Foundation questions can be emailed to the Foundation Secretary-Antoinette Mann at antoinette@wlv.org