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Cultural Recreation Advisory Board Application 2021


    Please read the application guidelines posted on the website page, then fill out the entire application document and submit the required resume in a PDF format. You must be a resident of the City of Westlake Village to apply. The Advisory Board appointment term is for two years.

  2. If you are presently a high school student, please indicate your grade level and high school that you are attending.
  3. Please include a brief summary of your personal qualifications, including education, past or current employment, general community/civic involvement, etc., which may be considered pertinent in serving on this committee.
  4. Please include a brief summary of your fields of interest pertaining to potential appointment to the Board. This may include specific events, special projects, or sub-committee interests.
  5. By typing in your name below you are signing that all the above information is true and accurate. In addition, this serves as an acknowledgment that you would like to submit your application.
  6. Please have your parent type in their name below acknowledging your application submission.
  7. Please submit both forms in a single PDF document.
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